Political reality sucks

Everyone is loving the hate Trump is receiving. Obama fans are touting him as the best president ever. People are declaring gloom and doom if the ACA is repealed. People are touting big numbers supposedly representing advancements in unemployment and economic circumstances. People wonder why the average American still can't get a decent job. Well, that is a harder question than you can imagine. Obamas accomplishments, Trumps failures....political reality is far from what you see on television.


Let us begin with the ACA. A failure. The ACA pushed up costs which translated to higher premiums for everyone. IF you managed to keep a policy, you found they pushed up the deductible to $10 or $11,000 dollars. In most cases, your doctor or hospital bill won't even come to that unless it's catastrophic. It's decreased the amount doctors will get paid for the treatment of medicaid/medicare patients which led to doctors retiring or refusing new medicare/medicaid patients. It subsidized some, but it also mandated what your policiies covered. Men found themselves having to buy policies that covered Natal and pre-natal care, and womans health issues. Things no man ever needed. This bill was written in a back room, passed in the middle of the night, and proved to be a failure.


Military decimation....Obama cut the military down to bare bones. Bush was blamed for 9/11 (a completely rediculous claim) but he maintained a healthy military and DID get us involved in wars where some may argue we never should have been involved in. Bushs "unwarranted and illegal" wars many say were Bushs fault. Bin Laden was Bushs fault. So much blame laid on one man, when in truth, fault can be traced back to before Reagan. Our relations with Russia and Israel suffered under Obama. So many multi-faceted things being reduced down to one discussion so that blame can be placed. Crazily, the liberal media NEVER placed blame at the feet of Obama.


American Business and the economy...again, a long story. Businesses leaving the United States can be tracked back to Clinton, remained unhindered by Bush, and virtually ignored by Obama. Trump, unrealistically, wants to bring money and businesses back to America. His policies seem hardlined, but if you look beyond the face of it, you'll see Trump working with China and other countries to advance business causes...HIS business causes. A commentator noted that China has NEVER seen copyrights and trade negotiations rammed through Chinas system like they have since Trump became president. Presidents have, and always will favor certain projects or businesses, and will work to promote them even if it is behind the scenes. 


Naivete allows one to think that blame can be placed at the foot of ONE man. In very rare cases it can, but ninety-nine percent of blame has to be applied over several administrations and over many years. It is convenient to blame the president you don't like for certain political events or environments, but truth be known, as long as there have been political parties who focus on opposite ends of the political spectrum, there has been favoritism and ignorance. DO NOT be decieved. Not all republicans like or voted for Trump. Not all democrats liked or voted for Obama. Presidents are elected by budget, as in "how much can we spend on a campaign". Every election since Clinton went to the highest bidder. Obama broke campaign records, Hillary broke Obamas records, and Trump...? Well, we'll probably never know as he refuses to release any financial data rergarding his taxes or campaign funding.


Anyway, political reality sucks, and if you want to blame anyone for the political conditions in America, blame the American voter whose hearts and heads have been turned by political favors, promises, and activities. There are reasons for polls and election data...it tells a campaign manager what people want, what they'll respond to, and what they want to hear. Presidential candidates push those hot buttons winning votes, and once elected, tend to forget the promises and campaign themes. Post election charges and investigations into the President-elect and his cabinet appointees will continue to push the envelope in quests to stain or stop appointments or policy enactment. 


Politics are a mess, a quagmire. Only the foolish or very brave venture into that swamp. 

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Comments (6)

  1. EyeVey

    Between the very real violence, and the preventing of exercising free speech being attacked by many on the far, far left, the political climate is charged to say the least.
    I believe that when the swamp is more drained, hopefully rational and more reasoned mindsets may return.
    We are going in the best direction as a country right now, there will be those who fear monger, and will squeal along the way.

    March 14, 2017
    1. timholzbaur

      I don’t agree with Trump on everything he’s doing, but he seems to sense the direction we have to in.

      March 14, 2017
      1. EyeVey

        He’s playing chess while the rest are playing rock, scissors, paper.

        March 15, 2017
  2. Munkyman

    It’s not reality, it’s prognostication & fear mongering. Fear is the most immediate enemy of liberty, so always remember those who use the boogie man to frighten others are trying to rob them of their liberties.

    March 14, 2017
    1. EyeVey

      Exactly. We’ve seen this play out before; for me, more than a few instances in my lifetime.
      There is a reckoning coming, actually, it’s already here.
      Against the odds, Trump was elected. I’d like to see the draining of the swamp trickle all the way down to local level. Would love seeing new blood across the political board.
      People who aren’t beholden to anyone other than the voters.

      March 15, 2017
  3. matthewcryan

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    May 15, 2017